Zee Chik is an Award winning cake artist and innovative sugarcraft equipments designer, who like to make youtube videos.

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The largest cake

sculpture in

Guinness world


I was part of the team making this cake. 

Each of us are incharged

of different part of the world largest sculpture cake and I am incharged

of making the giant squid and

the blue whales family. 

I love making them ... x

Click on the link below to see video footages of the world record largest sculpture cake :)

It was all brought together for Fairy and

Make-A-Wish Foundation UK

By Miss Cakehead, and Bompas & Parr.

@GWR #Fairy #Bompas&Parr #misscakehead

The team are:

Totally Sugar, The Dainty Bakehouse, Fantasy Fondant, Tattooed Bakers, The Sweet Hibiscus, Chimes Cakes : Bespoke cakes for all occasions, Mandy's Sugarcraft, Kool Cakes Bakery, Rose-Maries Cakes & Sugarcraft, Terri CakesByDesigns, The Mirage Cake Company, Zee Chik Designs to name but a few.

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