Zee Chik is an Award winning cake artist and innovative sugarcraft equipments designer, who like to make youtube videos.

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Austin Rose Mould appox: 11.6 x 8.3 cm

Large austin rose appox: 6.7cm

Medium austin rose appox: 3cm

Small austin rose appox: 2cm

This mould is inspired by the garden austin rose,

see photo on the left.

Austin Rose Mould


International Shipping, Ireland ( outside England )  :

Postage rate £10 for 1 item, £13 for 2 items, £15 for 4 items+

You can order for this web site, once order and payment came through,

we will automaticlly send you additional postage invoice via paypal.

  This mould can also make side patterns for the cake.

In this photo we used our Austin rose mould, Primose rose and Cup handle and flowers mould.

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