.. I love making beautiful cakes, designing new products and enjoy teaching.....

I have desinged 6 silicone moulds, invented a cup and saucer former, 90' cake scraper and many more...

My name is Zee Chik. I trained as an architect and also have experience in designing ladies clothing. I have been making cakes for many years and started competing in 2012 - since then I have achieved 2 Silver awards and 2 Gold awards at Cake International, one of which was also placed 3rd.

Silver Award 2012

Cake International

Gold Award 2013

Cake International

3rd Place

Silver Award 2013

Cake International

Gold Award 2015

Cake International

In 2014 I joined a group of amazing cake artists in making the largest cake sculpture for charity, and the cake was confirmed as a Guinness World Record.

360' view video for the Faberge egg coming soon ...

I was invited to join 14 other amazing and talented cake artists to each make a Faberge egg. This was featured in Cake Masters March Magazine and displayed at Cake International.

Part of an Gold award winning team of 12  ShugaRush -- Santa's Grotto at Cake International Birmingham 2014, here I am standing next to my Santa's Sleigh in the photo as loads of people requested to see the scale of the Sleigh

Continue with the adventure of ShugaRush at Cake International Birmingham 2015 -- The Mechanical Bakery.  In this photo, the cute Miss Hedgehog, strawberries 3 tiers cake, macroons and the fruit tartlets are made by me, Cosmos flowers and the frog are by Cassie Browns Designs.

For more informations and pictures about ShugaRush, please visit ShugaRush Facebook page.

With the team Sugar Show Productions, The Rocky Horror Sugar Show at Cake International Birmingham 2015 -- I have created Rocky floating in the swimming pool, the swimming pool base are handpainted with edible paint to scale.

Hot air balloon theme with 8 other amazing cake artists. Featured in Cake Masters magazine, displayed at Cake International and British Sugarcraft Guild Exhibition..

Continue with the Sugar Show Productions -- The Cake Canvial Show at Cake International 2016.  Here she is Miss Butterfly Acrobat model.

For more informations and pictures about The Cake Canvial, please visit Sugar Show Productions Facebook page.

Got mentions in The Times April 2016

We are featured in Cake Master Magazine

February 2017 issue,

step by step tutorial for our cup and saucer former x

Labyrinth Figures and little owl tutorial made for Cake Master Magazine April issue, and was at display at Cake International Birmingham and London.

At Leeds Castle, Kent, the full display of my Cake in Queens Gallery

along with the amazing floral designs by SOLOMON BLOEMEN for 

Festival of Flowers exhibition 23 to 28 September 2017.