Zee Chik is an Award winning cake artist and innovative sugarcraft equipments designer, who like to make youtube videos.

email: zeechikcakes@gmail.com

Cup and Saucer former

To make a perfect shape cup & saucer

Wonderland mould

Alice in wonderland theme mould,

one mould can achieve many different items

Cup handle and flowers mould

All these little flowers can be make flat

or on a wire.

Primose rose mould

Detail flower center with different size flowers and a tiny little bud.

Austin rose mould

Beautiful on a cup cakes and also can be made into a 3D flower

Cake scrapers

Easy to achive sharp edges on cake.


Dots and Dashes

photo taken by Keysforcakes

This skating couple was made for Saracino stand at Cake International Exhibition.

Made with waffer paper and have LED lights inside the house on a 6 inches cake.


Arrival !

Game controller mould

Best mould for making differnt game controller.

Alloy wheel mould

It can let you make different sizes wheel.

Paint burshes and Pens


0 , 00 , 000 fine tip paint brushes

Edible colours

Trimmings and Ribbons


crystal diamontie strips

Flower Stamens


for making wire flowers

Stay tuned, class time table will be available soon x

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